I just had my son on Friday and got home from the hospital yesterday. I should be happy, but suddenly I am becoming very anxious about every post-partum symptom I'm having. I am super-vigilant about swelling (I'm convinced my legs look swollen even though my husband says they aren't), blood clots, et cetera. I am wondering if any of you ladies dealt with this and how to keep things in check. It's almost like my body can't deal with the enormity of having new baby so I am fixating elsewhere. I keep envisioning having a blood clot that travels to my lungs. Of course I read a story about this before leaving the hospital, completely accidentally - it popped up on a FB feed. Can anyone offer suggestions or advice? Also have any of you ever had a blood clot? I figure I would know if I had one...I called my nurse who basically said I didn't need to worry unless it was very painful, red, swollen, and hot. I wish I could just take her at her word but my anxiety is going nuts. Sorry for the rambling post.