Ugh, need to vent. I'm four months out from having my first LO, and it feels like I'm constantly sick. I got a cold/fever the first day I went back to work, got over that after ~2 weeks and was fine for maybe 5 days before developing a beast of a sinus infection that sent my temperature up to 102.8 weekend before last. I went to the doctor who tested me for everything under the sun, everything came back negative, and it was labelled a seasonal virus. The sinus infection gave me a bad enough sore throat from all the post nasal drip that I thought I had strep, so I went back to the doctor, negative. And now it's spread to my left eye, giving me viral pink eye. PINK EYE!! I feel like my immune system has totally left the building. I don't know if it's just lack of sleep making me more susceptible to diseases or what, but this is totally ridiculous, and I don't have time for it. /rant

Has anyone else felt like they got sicker postpartum? How long did it last? I'm EPing, so I wonder if all my antibodies are just going to the baby (I hope)?