As weird as this sounds, I think I have suddenly developed a lactose intolerance at 7 weeks postpartum.

I started having stomach issues pretty soon after having my LO. At first I figured it was related to constipation and taking colace. I stopped taking colace and switched to Metamucil, but kept experiencing stomach cramps.

About 3 weeks ago I started taking domperidone, all the while my stomach aches started getting worse. The other night I had a bowl of cereal with milk for a snack in the middle of the night and ended up with an awful stomach ache.

I finally put it together and cut out all dairy, except for very small amounts of cheese that I take lactaid with. I've been off dairy for 2 days and I've had NO stomach aches! I'm so happy I figured it out, but I miss cheese already

Did anyone else have weird food sensitivities pop up postpartum?