Please pardon my ignorance, but what do you do when your toddler has just gotten potty trained, and you are out and about? Do you have to bring a portable toilet (assuming there is such a thing) for him/her, or do you just put him/her in the big toilet? And at times some public restrooms are really very nasty? Even if you are willing to put your toddler on the nasty public toilet, what if s/he doesn't want to go because it is really nasty? What if s/he throws a tantrum when you are making him/her go in a restroom that s/he is not comfortable with (and pooping and peeing "out of bounds" while s/he's at it lol)?

For boys, do we train them to stand up and pee? But my husband has said, the toilet or urinal is usually too high for a toddler boy so he doesn't see how that could be done. Do you hold him up and let him aim at the toilet? (which sounds really weird, and I doubt my husband would be willing to do it. Argh)

This has been a recently big question mark over my head. My son (2+ years old) is not potty trained yet. He has occasional pee pee and poo in the potty at home, but we are still wearing diapers/ training pants, and he seldom asked to use the potty when he needs to go. It is more like he "announces" it when he goes, but when asked if he wants to use the potty he says no. But apparently we will pass that bridge of using the public restroom very soon.

So please shed some light for me - what do people do? What do you do? Advice please!