Hello. My son will be 3 in April. Since May he has been potty trained for day time. Around Christmas we ditched the diaper cold turkey at night. We woke him in the night to pee for a week and then he was sleeping through the night without any accidents. He even called for me one morning to take him pee. It felt successful.

The last week or two he has completely regressed. He pees the bed every single night. Last night we woke him twice to pee and he still peed the bed in the morning. It's like he isnt even trying anymore. He also doesnt call for us when he pees so by the time we get to him we have no idea how long hes been laying with wet clothes.

What do we do? Do we try a different method? Put a diaper/pullups on him? Just ride it out and keep telling him pee goes in the potty?