We attempted to potty train DS this week and it was a total mess. We used the method where you have them naked from the waist down for the first few days. He successfully pooped in the potty twice but for pee after 3 full days he could understand that he needed to pee and do a crazy dance to hold it in, but would refuse and scream about sitting on the potty and eventually just pee everywhere. This morning we finally gave up because he was a hysterical mess because he knew he had to pee but didn’t want to do it on the potty.

My other kids trained almost fully at daycare so we really didn’t do much besides throw some underwear on them. Now we are at a different daycare and they want him fully trained before they’ll let him wear underwear there. I feel super defeated and am not sure what to do as we don’t have many super long weekends like this one to work on it. Do we just wait and try again in like a month? 6 months? What would you do?