We tried to potty train our 2.7 year old over the holidays. He never initiated going to the potty but Days 1 & 2 were OK and Days 3 & 4 he would have tantrums and refuse to sit on the potty and have major meltdowns about it so we decided he was not ready and put him back in diapers.
Now he cries every time he poops in his diaper.I can't tell if he is constipated or wants to keep the poop in because he is scared to poop now. Has anyone seen their LO become more constipated since starting potty training? I can't figure out if it was a mistake to give up on the potty training now or not.
He also is taking his diaper off during naps now. We ask him if he wants to use the potty and he says no.
I have no idea what to do next. TIA for any advice.