We've had some ups and downs with potty training and I could use some advice.

We had a few false starts with potty training over the last year, but in the past month, my now-three-year old has taken to it. She will take herself to potty to pee, stays dry during play/naps/overnight/etc, she poops on the potty - in most senses, this is going really well.

However, when she says she needs to pee and makes her way to the bathroom, she has always already gone a bit in her underwear. It's like the fact that she started peeing in her underwear is her cue that she "needs" to go. It's not a full-fledged accident - she just wets her underwear a bit, and then she holds it while she rushes like crazy to the bathroom...but it's enough that her underwear is definitely wet and we're changing them pretty much every time.

It's been going on for the last month or so...is this the sort of thing that kids work out eventually? Is there something different we should try? We have some "scheduled" potty times through the morning - like before breakfast, before snack, before rest, etc. and that seems to help some.

She's incredibly well hydrated, which I'm sure doesn't help her situation...so I think she legitimately has to pee often, and it probably is a pain to take a break all the time to take herself. Any suggestions that might help, or is this just the sort of thing that kids figure out with time? My older daughter didn't potty train until she was close to 4, and once it clicked it totally clicked - so I didn't go through any of this in between kind of stuff.