Our 2 1/2-year-old daughter has for the most part mastered potty training. I say that because we have stayed close to home ever since we started potty training about 1.5 weeks ago. She averages less than 1 to 2 accidents a day and usually those are because she doesn’t give herself enough time to make it onto the potty. We have taken short mini trips but nothing crazy. She legit has to go pee every 45 minutes to an hour (is this normal????) I really don’t want to have to use pull-ups, but this weekend, we are traveling to the beach and I fear because she will be out of her normal element, we may have more accidents. We also have a longer commute in the morning’s to and from preschool starting next week and I am trying to figure out the best option to prevent accidents in the car. We call her pull-ups “sleeping underwear” (as we use them for naps/and diapers for nighttime) and she seems to understand the difference between that and underwear. Would you just suck it up and use pull-ups until she becomes more confident with holding her bladder when she is in the car or when I’m in unfamiliar territory?? I guess I just want to make sure I’m not setting her up for possible regression by using them more often starting this weekend. I’d appreciate any tips or suggestions. (I think she’ll do fine at school b/c she readily has access to the potty and teachers to help so this is just for traveling or outings I can’t control the timing). Thanks!!!