my mom asked me to start my christmas wishlist & send it to her soon, so i'm trying to come up with things that we should have prior to getting pregnant/having a LO. that way, when time comes, we can focus on baby related expenses. christmas is still pretty generous in my world, like macbook pro kinda generous so think quality, long term kind of items.

things like: a video camera (check!), good tires (check!), comfy slippers, awesome kitchen shears/knives (check!), classic ballet flats (could use nicer ones, suggestions?), night lights, diamond studs (check!), matching luggage (check! i might have gone overboard on matching luggage last year... like 6 suitcases worth...), a food processor. help me out! what should we have pre baby that isn't exactly baby related, but could be useful once we have one or that you think we won't want to bother buying later. i'm avoiding a lot of clothing because we're TTC and i've gone up a couple of sizes but hope not to stay here at this weight long. basically, tell me what i should want pre-pregnancy/baby in my life =)