(This will probably be a little all over the place. Sorry in advance! I'm so overwhelmed!)

My 33 weeker's sleep is atrocious. He is 20 weeks actual, 13 weeks adjusted. He won't nap during the day unless he's being held. He's EBF. He are every 3 hours in the NICU but he's been eating every two hours since we weaned off of regular bottle feedings (around 6-8 weeks old, I think). Now that he's getting older, he's awake more (which is great developmentally) but I feel like the short timespan between feedings is preventing him from really sleeping well overall. We've been cobedding since we dropped regular bottles too because our lactation consultant really recommended it.

I'm just exhausted. He cries all the time and never sleeps and he's still eating all the time. He had been at least sleeping well at night with only one or two wake ups between midnight and wake up but now we're back to waking every two hours at night too.

I guess I need advice. We'll be moving back to Hawaii soon and I don't want to cobed with my husband in the bed too. I'm just not comfortable with it. I'm worried about trying to sleep train since we're moving and it'll all be undone in a month. How do I get him to sleep? Or at least nap? How do I get him to space out feedings? I also have two year old to take into account.

Help please!