I’m having anxiety about everything this pregnancy And I’m having a very hard time making my mind up about anything! Every single decision is overwhelming.

My latest is the safety of my car: a Toyota Yaris. Right now LO sits RF in middle seat in the back, but once I have my second one, they will both probably have to be on each passenger side, since LO1 has such a big convertible seat. I’m not concerned about the “tight fit” , just the safety. Here’s a link from safercar.gov for my car ratings, and am attaching a screenshot in case that doesn’t work.

What are the safety ratings for your car? http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/owners/SearchSafetyIssues I guess specifically the back passengers (where your LOs are)

Do you think it’s worth getting a used mini van based on my car's safety ratings? (3 stars for passengers) Keeping in mind, money is SUPER tight because I’ve significantly reduced my hours to stay home with LO1, we’re about to have a second baby, and we’ll have to think about paying for preschool for LO1.

Also, have been in two accidents already: both times rear-ended! One was pretty major. Everyone was OK. No LO in back but there was a booster seat for my nephew and only the back trunk was scrunched up. I guess I"m adding this to just say that it's been "tested" for accidents rear-ended. My concern is passenger side though.