I just found out that I'm pregnant after our last round of IUI. The initial beta on Wednesday had a level of 202 and then it went up to 596 on Friday, which the nurse said was great. I want to be excited but for some reason, I just can't get past the worry. I know that at my age (I'll be 40 this year), I have a higher risk of miscarriage and I keep thinking that the pregnancy will just "disappear" and I won't even know it until my first ultrasound in 3 weeks.

My husband is so excited and wants to talk about it all the time but I won't let him because I'm afraid it will 'jinx' it. I know this is completely irrational but I don't know how to relax and be happy. I seriously thought about buying a gigantic pack of pregnancy tests and taking one every day until the ultrasound just so I could be sure it was still happening. It doesn't help that I don't feel any symptoms at all!

Why am I being so crazy?? And how do I stop worrying?!?