My DS1 was an uncomplicated vaginal delivery and I'd been expecting/preparing for the same with DS2 due in 2 weeks. Well, surprise, stubborn guy is breech and I have a scheduled c-section coming up. I'm definitely a planner and having lots of information and expectations helps me to handle things well so I feel like I just need to prepare for this c-section the same way I had prepared for a vaginal delivery. So I've got some questions for the ladies who've been through it:

1) What tips/tricks/products aided in your recovery? Anything I should stock up on now?

2) When did you get cleared for exercise? And when did you feel up to exercise again?

3) Any tips for managing the scar and helping it heal/fade nicely? My coworker says hers is still painful and ugly 12 years later and if there's a chance of avoiding that I'd love to.

ETA 4) When were you able to eat after? I have to fast from midnight beforehand and its scheduled at 1:30pm. I suspect I'll be ravenous!