My 2.5 year old has a big issue with frizz/hair breakage after being in the carseat/taking a nap. The back of her hair just curls up into frizzy knots. She's my third daughter and I didn't have this issue with either of her sisters.

Her hair is pretty fine/wispy, still has those "baby curls". I try to vary the style so it's not always rubbing in the same spot (ie, I no longer do pigtails every day), but it still goes nuts after the carseat or nap.

I'm at a loss - is there something else I should be doing? A product I can use to try to repair the damage? I was hoping it would get better as it got longer (we still haven't cut her hair) and I could cut off the damage, but it doesn't seem like that's happening! Any advice is appreciated!