DD is 4.5 and in a summer preschool program. She is in a room with a few prior classmates. One of which is a very bossy little girl....I know other kids have had problems with her and DD goes through phases where she'll play with her and other times when she days she's too bossy and avoids her.

Not surprisingly almost every day I arrive and she's with this little girl I get a "bad report". Either she didn't listen or she made bad decisions..... Today was one of those days. And today the teacher actually for the first time stated it appeared that DD was copying "a friend" whom has this issue.

So of course I'm upset DD didn't listen to her teachers.... And I'm wondering what is appropriate consequences. I had a Stern talk with her on the way home and no tv/shows once we got home and she lost all of her smiley faces (she's been collecting smileys on our calendar for pooping daily <an issue for her > and for good behavior) eventually adding up to get a new toy.

I'm just curious what others do if they get a "bad report" from preschool /daycare. This is really the first time dealing with this and I'd love to nip this behavior in the bud if we can..... I'd love to just bar her from playing with "the friend" but I know I can't go that