I know this is not a fun topic to think about, but the post about drowning inspired me to look up statistics on accidental deaths by age group, and I found it really informative: https://www.cdc.gov/injury/images/lc-charts/leading_causes_of_death_highlighting_unintentional_2016_1040w800h.gif

In particular, there are more than 2x as many accidental suffocations by children under one than drownings of 1-4 year olds each year, even though by construction there are around 4x more 1-4 year olds. My husband has laughed at me for being really paranoid about accidental suffocation, but I feel vindicated. Motor vehicle deaths for infants are actually incredibly rare.

And it's also insane how much motor vehicle accidents go through the roof for the 15-24 category, as well as unintentional poisoning (drug overdoses). My biggest takeaway is that while I need to be vigilant, LO is pretty safe before the age of 15 but things get much more dangerous once he's old enough to drive and potentially do drugs. I have newfound sympathy for parents of teenagers/college aged kids who tell me to enjoy it while it's easy

Fyi - this is total deaths to all causes: https://www.cdc.gov/injury/images/lc-charts/leading_causes_of_death_age_group_2016_1056w814h.gif