I didn't have to pump with my daughter because I SAH full time. I will be working just one day a week beginning at about 3 months post partum this time. Its not much, I know, but I'm feeling really nervous about pumping.

I can design my own schedule. My husband will be at home, so there aren't daycare constraints and I am self employed. I see clients in one hour sessions, and would like to have 7 sessions scheduled (with wiggle room to add one if needed- but thats a lot to do in one day).

How often will I need to pump- and for how long?

Heres my initial plan:
11:00AM leave house
11:40AM arrive at work
12:00PM client
1:00PM client
2:00PM client
3:00-3:30 pump/break
3:30-4:30 client
4:30-5:30 client
5:30-6:30 client
6:30-7:00 pump/break
7:00-8:00 client

then I was wondering if I should structure it differently and pump on the way home somehow? we will aim for a 7:00pm bedtime, so it would probably be better to pump later?