DH and I (ok, mostly me) are strongly considering moving to another city in 2-3 years. We had originally planned to be in our current house for about 5 more years (we've lived here for 2.5 years so far), and because of that timeline, had intended to do some renovation and repairs.

The house overall is in good shape, but the A/C is 13 years old and should probably be replaced (works fine other than the freon leak that costs us about 200$ a year), and the master bath could really use a facelift (ugly shower!).

However, now that we've changed up our timeline, I'm wondering if it'll be worth it to drop 10-15K on a A/C & bathroom update. The houses in our neighborhood look pretty much like ours inside, so if anything, I'd just do the A/C and skip the bath reno.

I suppose my real question here is, would buying a house with an old A/C unit be a no-go for you? Would you just ask for a selling concession? Would you be much more likely to buy a house if the A/C had been recently replaced?

As a secondary question, what kind of repairs or changes really appeal to you as a home buyer?