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Question about miscarriage

I should be just over 5 weeks right now. HCG on Tuesday was 98 and today (Friday) was 124.

I was just wondering how long I should expect before I start miscarrying. I don't see my doctor again until early next week to ask.


    nectarine / 2461 posts

    I'm so sorry, it is the worst. Maybe others have had an experience like this turn around, but my early m/c was:
    4w1d: 69
    4w5d: 187 (68-hr double)
    5w1d: 450 (58-hr double)
    5w3d: 585 (127-hr double)
    I ended up passing all of the tissue naturally at 5w6d. Good luck, I hope it resolves one way or another quickly

  2. T.H.O.U.

    wonderful clementine / 24134 posts

    I'm so sorry. From what I was told HCG is not s good indicator. I had a blighted ovum and carried it until past 8w

  3. knittylady

    pomegranate / 3212 posts

    I'm so sorry. Not sure about correlation between hug and when it might pass, but I started miscarrying a day after my number was 24.

  4. Raspberry

    kiwi / 598 posts

    @LCTBQE: @T.H.O.U.: @knittylady: Thank you so much for replying. It started this morning.

  5. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2813 posts

    @Raspberry: so sorry for your loss mama

  6. Anya

    nectarine / 2784 posts

    I am so sorry for you loss.

  7. azjax

    kiwi / 578 posts

    @Raspberry: sorry for your loss . I started to miscarry around 6w once my doubling time was greater than 100 hours, even though the actual level was still in the 3-4000 range. This seems to vary a lot between women, according to my OB.


    nectarine / 2461 posts


  9. knittylady

    pomegranate / 3212 posts

    @Raspberry: each step of the process is a new wave of grief. So sorry.

  10. Iced Tea

    persimmon / 1310 posts

    @Raspberry: So sorry for your loss. It's never easy.

  11. Raspberry

    kiwi / 598 posts

    @mrskansas: @Anya: @azjax: @LCTBQE: @knittylady: @Iced Tea: I appreciate your posts.

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