I was in a very minor fender bender about 3 weeks ago. I was at fault ( ) and I got a civil traffic ticket, and I was eligible for driving school. I did driving school online on Saturday Nov 7th, because the traffic school due date was Monday Nov 9th. They set their due dates a week before your required court date, so that they have that week to get your paperwork and fees can be processed.

I got an automated voicemail this evening saying I am expected to arrive in court on Monday. The online ticket system says my ticket/case is "pending." Of course, phone number for the court only works 8am-5pm, and I'm expected to arrive at 8:30am. I called the Traffic School's 24/7 hotline and they assured me that my completion certificate had been electronically filed with the courts last week, but that my diversion fee hadn't transferred yet, and that's why my case is still technically "pending." She said I don't need to go to court, because supposedly on Monday they will check and see that I have completed traffic school (based on the electronic records system). She estimated my fee would be processed and my case "closed" by/on Wednesday or Thursday and "this happens all the time." This explanation makes total sense to me, but it still makes me nervous. However, I can't go into court on Monday, and I can't call the court until my lunch hour at noon.

Has something like this ever happened to you? What was your experience? Would you trust the "pending paperwork" explanation and just call on Monday, or would you go to court on Monday even if it would be extremely difficult because of work?

Since it is a civil traffic ticket, the worst outcome is that I would face a fine for "not" doing traffic school and my driver's license would be suspended until I paid the fine. But by the time that all gets processed, it seems they would have processed my traffic school forms/fees.