This should probably be two threads, but they're pretty simple questions.

1- Is a GD diagnosis going to mean pretty much automatic induction, or would I still be allowed to go later as long as it's managed fine and baby isn't looking huge? I had it last time, so I'm at risk to have it a again. But it was so minor, it was almost a joke. I could have been eating straight sugar and as long as I had some protein, my blood sugar stayed low. When my cousin had it, she couldn't even eat something like ketchup, no matter what she had with it. So if it's minor and well-managed, might I avoid the induction?

2- What alternatives are available in the states, if I'd like to avoid pitocin? With the termination, they insert laminaria into the cervix to open it, and that alone was enough that I had to take pills to stop contractions the night before I was actually supposed to deliver. And that was at 33 weeks, with no signs labor would have started on its own anytime soon. So I feel like if I do wind up being induced, my body at least might respond well enough to something else to not need pitocin. But I don't even know what questions to ask if it is ever an issue.