Gaaah! I'm so frustrated with the Maternal Fetal Medicine I go to. For a bit of background, my first baby was 8#3 and measured big up until 36 weeks. I'm 32 weeks with second baby, and he's measuring big also. The difference is I declined the 1st Tri abnormalities test with first baby, so I never put myself on MFM's radar. I got the test with baby #2 and that resulted in me using MFM for my anatomy scan also where they told me they'd be surprised if I didn't have GD because of how big the baby is.

I watched the u/s tech measure the baby, and his femur, head, and length are all measuring big, but then they tell me he's only big in the abdomen because I eat too much. I've had all day morning sickness this entire pregnancy, and I know I don't eat too much. I also exercised 3-4x a week up until 30 weeks when I got uncomfortable.

My midwife sent me for the 1-hour glucose screening at 30 weeks. I had lunch right before, since its a non-fasting test, and I passed with a level of 114. We decided this was great, but when I had to go back to MFM (at the request of MFM to recheck the size) the baby still measured tall and large, and they are still convinced I have GD even though I passed the 1-hour. I declined a 3-hour and explained that I can see the baby is measuring large all over, not just the abdomen. The dr. made a tactless remark about how its not up to him what risks people want to take with their own children and compared it to not putting my kids in carseats. I left happy to be done with them, but he called my birth center and told them I was high risk, most definitely have GD, and he recommends a scheduled c/s because the baby is too big.

Now my birth center's hands are tied liability-wise and they need me to do the 3-hr just to rule it out completely. Am I in the twilight zone? Why are they looking at a baby that measures 2 weeks ahead every where and telling me it's carrying all the extra weight in the abdomen? Why do I have a decent blood sugar at 30 weeks, but still "most definitely" have gestational diabetes?

I'm sorry this is more of a rant. I needed to get it off my chest. Has anyone else been in the same boat or had MFM not let up on them? Has anyone passed the 1-hr but failed the 3-hr?