This is a follow up to my "how much?" thread

So far my 11-week old is not an amazing napper- only recently have we been able to lay her down for naps (yay!) but they are only 15-30 minutes in length.

Current "schedule" is eat (30-45 minutes), play (30-40 minutes, aiming for putting her down when she has been awake for 75 minutes give or take) and sleep (15-30 minutes), repeat. She has actually begun to wake up more at night recently, sleeping in about 4 hour stretches down from at least one 6 hour stretch she was doing for a couple weeks.

She nurses 7-9 times a day (gets 2 oz of formula 3-4 times a day)

Any thoughts? Could she be needing more to eat to hold her over? Her weight gain has been great with the additional 6-8 oz of formula a day but I am concerned that as she is growing that perhaps she needs more (my hope had been that she would be transferring breast milk better at this stage). Its been 2 weeks since her last weight check/weighted feed and we go back tomorrow. I'm thinking she is around 12 lbs based on weighing her with me at home. At 9 weeks she was 11 lbs 2 oz.

I've been tempted to rent a scale (to confirm how much she transfers from BF) but everyone, including my midwife, says I will drive myself crazy with it. I would like longer breaks between feedings and to see her nap longer but maybe that just isn't our normal - which I can be okay with as long as she is healthy and growing