DS2 has always had very sensitive skin and frequently gets little rashes that go away within a few hours. But for the last 5 days he's had a rash on his belly, and a few spots on his arms, neck, and near his ears.

He just turned 1 a few weeks ago and received all the immunizations, but our whole family has LO's been battling some sort of mega-bug sickness. DS1 had strep about 13 days ago; took the whole round of antibiotics, nd is doing much better. DH and I have oth had upper respitory infections, eye infections, and double ear infections, which we are both still battling.

I took DS2 to the pedi today because he got a fever last night of 101, was incredibly clingy and irritable, and lethargic. He was tested and diagnosed with strep throat and started his first round of amoxicillin (which I've been taking for 15 days, and I'm breastfeeding). The pedi was perplexed by the rash on DS2's belly because it doesn't seem to fit typical rash charcteristics; this rash is red and irritating, but doesn't seem to be itchy. The bumps are raised, and it gets better and worse as the day goes on, but I haven't noticed a pattern to its tempermant.

I'm seriously worried tha it could be measles or scarlet fever, but we not know for sure. Any thoughts?