Hi all!

So DH and I have decided we are probably ready to TTC number 2 in a few months. I returned to work from mat leave a few months ago. I have a permanent job I’ve been at for years. I’ve been wanting a new job and applying for new jobs since I was on mat leave. Here’s the dilemma: there’s currently a place I want to apply at that’s hiring a one year contract (this is the way this place hires, you do your time on contract then eventually get permanent). If I got this job, this could throw off our plans to TTC. I’m worried if I got hired then went on mat leave after the contract finishes that they might not hire me back. So would you apply for the job anyways and still TTC during the contract? Would you stay at your permanent job and TTC then find a new job after mat leave? Or would you take the risk if it’s a job you really want and continue plans of TTC? It would be nice to have LO’s close in age..