I lost our second child at 8 weeks and had a D&C last week. This has been such a painful and heartbreaking journey for me.

I’m almost 36 yrs old and have a healthy 18 mo old and want so badly to have another child.

I “struggled” for 11 yrs with no definitive explanation as to why I wasn’t able to get pregnant but after meeting my 2nd husband, and not using protection or prevention, we got pregnant naturally 3 yrs into our relationship. Had a great pregnancy and labor.

Now here I am wanting to try again (planning on waiting a full cycle) but I’d love to have some feedback on a few questions. I’ll warn you—I may have more questions 🙈

1. After you had a miscarriage, did you have recurrent miscarriage before successfully getting pregnant?

2. Did you change anything about your health with trying after a miscarriage?

3. If you had a miscarriage, did you have any underlying fertility diagnoses prior or discovered after miscarriage?

4. Was your OBGYN supportive and accommodating if you got pregnant after a miscarriage? If so, in what ways?

Thank you so much ladies. I feel so lost but this site has been such a ray of hope for me!