Hi, bees! Wondering if anyone had any experience or advice. My husband and I started TTC #3 two months ago. We had no problems with TTC #1 and #2. Last year we had an oops pregnancy that ended at 5 weeks - we shored up our contraception, moved on, and didn't really give it a second thought. Then our first cycle TTC this time around resulted in a pregnancy that ended at 5 weeks, and our current (second) cycle looks like another early loss, which would make 3 in a row. I'm 36 and DH is 39, so while this could just be bad luck, I'm worried about wasting precious time and experiencing more losses if there is something that needs to be addressed. I put a message into my OB asking for a referral to an RE to discuss recurrent loss testing. Has anyone out there been through multiple chemical pregnancies? Did you end up being successful with or without diagnostics/treatment? Thanks, bees!