Hey folks. I've got some questions about repeat loss workup.

2 weeks ago I had a D&C for my 4th non-viable pregnancy this year.
• The first was anembryonic/blighted ovum
• The 2nd was kind of mysterious. hCG levels got high enough that something should have been visible on ultrasound...but it never was. It presented a lot like an ectopic; fortunately, pregnancy tissue was seen when I had a D&C and hCG values fell afterward.
• The 3rd was ectopic, treated with methotrexate
• The last one had cardiac motion at 5 and 6 weeks, but when I went back at 9 weeks, development had stopped sometime between 6 and 7 weeks.

I was supposed to do repeat loss workup after the ectopic, but, I got pregnant again before it could happen. This time, I'm preventing until that workup can happen because the uncertainty and all the time spent dealing with appointments for miscarriage/ectopic management is getting really taxing.

Did anyone's workup actually turn anything up?

If there's something fixable, I would feel good about trying again. If there's something like a translocation where the odds are just abysmal, I could feel good about having an only.

I'm not sure what to do if the workup turns up nothing (which I know is most likely).