I know this topic has been talked about a lot on HB (redshirting), but I was reading this article and started to think.

Do you think the class environment is worse when the kids' ages vary so much, or do you think it makes no difference? For instance, on previous HB threads, people have said it's no uncommon for there to be an 18 month difference in classmates because of redshirting.

Do you think redshirting "punishes" kids who start on time?

Do you think parents are the best people to decide whether or not their child is "ready" for school, or do you think a school district should do their own testing?

Do you think public school should have more rules surrounding the redshirting process (who is allowed to do it, what criteria is used, what ages can make a child eligible for redshirting).

You can't even really look to data because there has been research saying the reshirting *does* help, and that redshirting is harmul (resulting in lower interest in school, higher discipline referrals, lower lifetime wage earnings). http://www.npr.org/sections/ed/2017/04/14/523282846/ready-or-not-for-kindergarten-some-research-says-enroll-anyway?scrlybrkr=dee91b4c#

As a parent and a teacher/school librarian, I kind of go back and forth on a few of these points.