I'm not sure what advice exactly I'm looking for. Maybe I'm just feeling like I need to get all the feelings out there in the world.

But I've read what some of you ladies have been able to say in support of others (Thank you Crystal for pointing me toward this site!) and am hoping maybe talking with you all will help me calm down a little.

I'm just SO SICK of all the waiting and feeling like I'm stuck in this horrible hell of a limbo.

On Jan. 23 I had my first ultrasound and measured two weeks smaller than we expected (thought we were at 8 weeks) and it was just a sac. Nothing in it.

The next day I started spotting and went back to the OB. They guessed I was miscarrying, but said we'd check the next week to be sure.

Went back on the 29th, and the sac had grown a tiny bit, but was still empty. Doc said she thought I would miscarry within a few days. The next day, something the size of a plum came out of me so I figured I had.

Went back Tuesday (Feb. 4) only to find out the sac was still there. The DR asked if I wanted to keep waiting or have a D&C, and I couldn't make a decision under that much pressure so made yet another appointment for a week later. But after I got home and talked to my SIL (who had a D&C after miscarriage) and DH, I changed my mind because i'm ready for it to be over. DH and I just want to have some sort of normality in our lives and put this behind us.

Well, the earliest I could get for the D&C is next Tuesday. I called today because I stopped spotting (I was consistently bleeding for the last two weeks) and now the doctor doesn't want to book the D&C at all for next week and wants to go back to "wait and see." But I haven't noticed that I've passed the sac at all.

But I am so sick of waiting! And I fear that if the miscarriage is incomplete, then I'll have to deal again with the headache of trying to schedule surgery and, again, I'll be told to wait just one more week.