This isn't exactly a question most of you can relate to, but since most of my frame of reference is other foster parents at this point, I'd like to hear from some "regular" parents.

We have two road trips coming up. The first is next week Thursday-Sunday. We will be staying with friends/family in two cities, doing a 5 hour drive Thursday, 2 hours Friday and 5 hours again Sunday. The second trip is similar driving times but we are camping. The first trip I'm by myself, the second I have my wife coming. O is coming on both trips.

We have the option of using respite care (placement with other foster families) for the baby for either or both trips. I had planned on using it for the camping trip because I don't know what the weather will be like and bugs and everything will make it uncomfortable for a 2 month old. This trip next week though I'm torn. The trip would be WAY easier and more fun for O without the baby, but I feel super guilty. We have great families lined up who will take great care of her on each trip. Really nurturing, she'll get a ton of attention and snuggles, etc. No worries there. I just feel bad.

Am I a terrible person if we put her in respite for both trips? Our SW pointed out that it might be good for O to know that other people sometimes take care of her, assuming she won't be staying forever. So that's a thing too.