My DH actually wanted me to post this after our little "argument":

Yesterday we went jogging (slowly) with our new BOB on a flat paved bike trail (not on the road) but there are 2-3 spots where it crosses traffic-heavy streets. Anyway, I have a broken finger (from a recent fall while running) so he was manning the bob. I told him to put the safety strap on his wrist but he didn't want to saying it was unnecessary and annoying on his wrist. He says he likes to be able to switch hands and swing the free arm, which the strap inhibits. He was also running to the side of the stroller so he could look at LO. I got angry saying he should just wear the strap. I figure they put it there for a reason i.e. stroller gets away from you and ends up in traffic. He stated "that is as likely as getting hit by lightning on a sunny day, but okay..". He proceeded to call me neurotic. Anyway, we wanted you all to weigh in. I figure it's a low cost safety measure, so why not just wear it? Thoughts?