Hi! Are there any bees from the San Antonio area who have a "keeping it real" personality / parenting style? My sister moved there relatively recently, and has a sweet 5 week old babe. She is feeling a bit isolated and could really use some friendly support or cameraderie, either online or in person.

She has lots of friends, some of whom are parents, but their communication style seems to be more along the lines of "MY infant is sleeping through the night already, isn't yours?" and "Are you STILL feeding every 2hrs? Wow!" We live in another country, and have greatly benefitted from parent groups and friends that are more willing to say "Yes, this is awful isn't it? You are doing great, wanna hang out and commiserate together?"

So I'm wondering if you know of any local groups, online forums, Facebook groups etc that she could plug into so she doesn't feel so alone and like she's failing at parenting? Basically something like this wonderful site, but on a local or face-to-face level?

Thank you in advance!!! I wish we were closer to her ourselves, but I know there's got to be plenty of other "keeping it real" parents out there, right?