With the teeth poll, I remember that I did save something that might be considered gross.

We saved some of the hair clippings from my LO’s first haircut. We just put in an envelope and write down the date and slipped in with his birth certificate.

My mother did this too so I guess that’s why I did it? It’s also pretty easy to save since it stays flat with the other papers unlike say teeth would. My mother didn’t save our teeth which might be the reason I’m on the fence about the teeth thing.

Also my mom doesn’t explain why she does things and it’s possible it might be an Asian culture thing to save first hair clippings that I don’t know about. Also she put my hair clippings on my bookshelf in my baby book when I was growing up. So I kind of grew up with my first hair clippings if that make any sense.

Just curious if anyone else saved their kid’s first hair clippings?