Hi all!

I hope everyone is doing well!
So a little background this is my second pregnancy and I ended up having an emergency C-section first time around with my son. I labored for 28 hours total and failed to progress past 8cm. His heart rate started dropping so I had to get a C-section. I was fine with it because at that point I just wanted him to be ok! Everything was good and he was born healthy. I however felt like the C-section was hard on me possibly because I was so out of it after being labor so long, lack of sleep, the unknown etc. The shakes on the table were down right scary and no one let me know that would happen. It wasn't until day 3 that I tried to walk and it was miserable. I was afraid to leave the hospital as well. I don't like pain meds so I hated how loopy it made me feel after. I also hated that I couldn't hold my baby right after. My husband and baby left the room right after so I could be stitched up. I had a horrible time trying to go to the bathroom the first time around. I am in overall great health and physical shape so it was really shocking to me how long it took me to recover (I worked out my entire pregnancy.) I felt like I lived on the couch for the first few weeks. Long story short (phew!) I was really hoping for a VBAC this time around and a different birth experience. I really wanted that immediate skin to skin with baby and a quicker healing time as I don't get a ton of time off work and hubby has to go right back to work as well (I will have a bit of help from my mom who watches my son weekly!) My doctor was really supportive of me trying for a VBAC and said I was a great candidate. At the OBGYN firm I go to you do have to fall within a certain percentage for them to allow the doctor perform VBAC. The whole pregnancy I was 65% (which at the firm I go to is the number you have to be at or higher.) Last week at my 32 week appt I fell below that percentage to 61.5% so we decided after careful consideration to schedule the C-section at 39 weeks. Has anyone had a similar situation? I know I won't be in labor for hours on end before this time and I am told its a much easier/enjoyable process. Is this true? What was your experience? Thank you!

P.S. as long as baby and I are safe that's really all that matters. I just am a little disappointed that I'll have to go through C-section recovery again especially with a very active 3 year old to take care of as well.