Another "talk me off a ledge" request

My daughter's school just held a virtual assembly called "Diversity Circus." It was a recorded session, 40 minutes worth of basic magic tricks that loosely tie in into generic concepts like "be fair, be respectful, etc." Hosted by a white performer, recorded in front of a fully white kid audience. There was nothing particularly problematic with it (other than calling MLK's speech a "fantasy" and putting cultural objects on a bunch of white kids to demonstrate how these objects are different but also the same) but then I Googled the guy and he's a Covid denier/anti-masker. It's his personal FB page, and it's public and he obviously has the right to espouse his opinions, but my brain hurts to think that we spent money on something so generically boring to begin with and gave it to someone who's posting about how masks are actually the problem, not Covid. So I think the right answer is probably to leave it alone, but I'm definitely twitchy to say something to the PTA, which arranged this whole thing. Thoughts?