Hi everyone! I have been kind of mia lately due to the craziness of life, but DH and I are struggling with what to do about school in the fall and I am hoping some of you might weigh in

My son struggles with sensory processing and has been in and out of OT as needed since last summer. We moved him to a smaller class and all of his biggest struggles went away immediately.

Now his class is full again, and the overstimulation has come back in full force. He is at a wonderful school and his teachers are great. He just really struggles having so many kids in the room.

We have 3 options for next year...

1. Leave him where he is. They know him and we love the school. Less transition. We can keep our private OT who can come to the school, but we have to pay for it (insurance helps).

2. Pre K at the school where he will go for elementary. Class is 2 kids smaller, it costs less, and would give us access to services and an IEP sooner if he qualifies (which I have heard he probably won't because SPD isn't really a thing medically speaking).

3. A more laid back preschool on a farm. This is more like an in-home but they also offer kindergarten. Less regulated which makes me nervous, but it would be a much better environment as far as preventing sensory overload. May delay access to services, but may eliminate the need for services if he has time to outgrow some of the sensory issues before he starts 1st grade. It would be harder to do OT. Also, the school is just mornings, so we would have to find a qualified nanny who is reliable and understands sensory issues (or is willing to learn) and can pick up and stay the rest of the day.

Sorry for the novel! Thanks for your input

Also, a picture because my little dude is getting big and I don't blog much anymore ❤