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  1. babycanuck

    pomegranate / 3105 posts

    @dc yoga bee: My dr recommended waiting a full day, we waited two days before having sex again. There was nothing about abstaining before.

    I've done it twice and have to have one more in the future. Take 2 advil about an hour before and you'll be good it's not painful, just a bit uncomfortable if they put the saline in too quickly.

  2. Bea

    kiwi / 578 posts

    I referred to this before mine so I wanted to share my experience. Hope this helps someone!

    Mine was on CD 8 and was not allowed to have sex from CD 1 until after the procedure. I took advil about an hour before. It was quick and painless. The nurse said it shouldn't be any worse than a papsmear and she was right. She explained the steps and how it was going to go very thoroughly (which I appreciated!) before she had me lay down. The doctor put everything in and told me to expect some pressure. She was right there was a lot of pressure--kind of on the verge of being painful. I remember thinking that if the pressure gets any more intense it may hurt...but it didn't and it didn't hurt. She pulled everything out and it was kinda like a gush of liquid. Told me my tubes were clear and let me up and in the bathroom where they had a pad for me to wear. I had a tiny brown clot when I wiped. Other than that no bleeding. I have had very minor cramping--about what i have mid-cycle around ovulation--for about 2-3 hours off and on. It's been about seven hours I feel pretty normal now. They didn't mention anything about waiting to have sex but I will probably wait a day or two.

  3. Jvje

    apple seed / 1 posts

    I know this is an old post but I was frantically googling before my HSG this week and ended up asking my doctor specific questions which others may find useful. 1) When I booked my HSG they said they would do it days cd8-11. They could only fit me in on day 10. I told her we are ttc and I usually ovulate day 12, she said no problem. 2) At no point was I told not to have sex before or after procedure. Nobody even asked me before I had the procedure done ( I hadn’t just in case). 3) I was told to take 2 inbruprofen 15 mins before (I did). The first part of procedure is like a smear/ pap test with speculum. The uncomfortable part is next when they insert the catheter and some part of the material is suctioned on to you ( cervix, uterus, Im not sure which). That is what provokes cramping / contractions in the uterus and that is the painful part. They are aware of this and rush around being very quick to try and get it over with ASAP. The nurse told me its like mild labour contractions. I would liken it to period cramps ( I have never been in labour). It lasted only a few minutes and I had just started to feel a little nauseous ( like with my period cramps) then usddnly they took everything out and it was over. The pain stopped immediately. 3) I felt the dye come out with all the equipment, when I looked down on the table there was actually very little of it. I used 2 pantyliners that afternoon (11am procedure) and had some light stains on them from the dye. No bleeding or spotting. 4) After the procedure I felt a little tired and delicate but I think it was psychological/ from the ibroprofen. I often feel that way after taking pain relief for period cramps. No further pain or crmaping. I hopped on my bike and went back to work immediately after. 5) My HSG was normal, no problems. I told the doctor I was cd10 due to ovulate CD 11-12. I asked if this procedure could in any way influence ovulation, and when could I have sex again. He said no it would not, and I could have sex whenever I wanted. He said that this test can facilitate conception in the following cycles. 6) I had an almost positive opk the morning of HSG and positive that night. That means I should ovulate days 11-12 which is normal for me. 7) I had sex the same evening. I put a towel on the bed in case dye came out, and was worried I might feel a little sensitive. No dye came out at all during or after, and I did not feel any different from normal. 8) Today is the day after my HSG. I had no further dye coming out, no spotting and no cramping.

  4. LAZB

    pomegranate / 3904 posts

    Went for my hsg today, I was a little nervous because of things I’ve read, but luckily it was the easiest thing ever for me. No pain or cramping whatsoever, perhaps due to having had three babies already. Super quick, maybe a minute long procedure, and tubes were clear


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