I’m about to have my second child and have been diagnosed with IUGR. As such, they want me induced before 38 weeks (Wednesday). The hospital can’t schedule me until Thursday morning but I have a BPP tomorrow which I’m prepared may send me straight in if the numbers have degraded. I know my practice was also planning to push for an earlier date tomorrow as well, so it could be as soon as tomorrow.

My first birth was spontaneous, mostly labored at home/ in a hotel (it’s a long story, #NYCbirth) and was only in the hospital long enough to push the baby out, which honestly I really liked. I didn’t have any pain medication. This is going to be a totally different experience and frankly I am terrified of an induction. I’m afraid of pitocin, I’m afraid of an epidural (though I think I will want one) and I’m afraid of things spiraling into a c section. I trust my midwives and the doctors they work with, and the doctors we’ve seen, but I’m scared. My husband is scared, especially since he is remembering the risks of an epidural we learned in our Bradley class 3.5 years ago. I just need some positive induction stories, especially second ones! The doctors say the fact that I’ve given birth vaginally before makes it far more likely to be successful as my body will likely remember what to do once things get started. I also want to say, I am not at all a radical when it comes to birth choices- I am totally supportive of whatever women think is best for them and their baby! I know sometimes people in my real life hear my first birth story and feel defensive so I hope this post doesn’t rub anyone that way since it is not at all my feelings. Anyway, sorry for the ramble, please share if you can so I can feel better going into this week!