What kinds of shoes are you getting your LOs for spring and summer?

My 4.5 year old has just outgrown pretty much all her shoes (which I guess happens when they are all the same size! ). I just bought her a pair of Saucony sneakers- which she is obsessed with and wears more than her previous target sneakers for sure. Her cheap Old Navy water shoes from last summer were big and i think still fit. And I just got her dressy sparkly ballet flats for my sisters wedding so those will be her dress up shoes. I want to get her a Mary Jane type sneaker since those were her most worn pair in the last size- we had the silver Surprize by Target ones that everyone had. I haven’t found a replacement that seems like good quality but a reasonable price. And I’ll probably get her another pair of super cheap jellies since she loved those too.

Poor little sis just gets the hand me downs that fit