So yesterday was my baby shower for baby number 3. My husbands sister came as expected with her son. They brought my son who is 2 (he has a speech delay and we are testing for autism) some toys that her son didn't play with anymore. Her son is going into the 4th grade and they buy him every toy he has ever asked for and more and she said had too many. (Which is totally fine. That just how they parent.) Well my son is OBSESSED with the Pixar Cars movies and they brought 3 small cars from the movie and two medium sized ones that light up and talk. Well they told us they were going though the play room and they were giving us some. We said thank you and my son played with them the whole party. The party was fun and nice and it went on with no issue. Toward the end I noticed my son was looking for his car toys.(the light up talking ones) I asked "where are your cars buddy?" My son didnt respond so I wasn't surprised. We are working in speech therapy but he isn't to that point yet. Well husband sister said something like "my son got it when he wasn't looking so micah wouldn't get upset" I had someone come up to me at that point and need my help so I didn't get to think about what she said.
Later that night I realized they left the 3 tiny ones and took back the two light up ones my son really liked. I was just confused and realized they apparently only brought those to "show" my son. I'm kinda upset. We never asked for toys or anything for our kids from her and we appreciate the ones she did give us but I'm just super irritated that they pretty much teased my son with them and then took them away. Should I be upset?!?!
My son actually was looking for them this morning and was saying "car" he normally doesn't do that so it just broke my heart for him. He really loved those cars. Maybe I'm just hormonal and pregnant.