My LO is nearly six weeks now and still not a crier. He will do one solitary wail on occasion,usually for a slow bottle warmer

He eats every 2-3:30 hrs now. some people have made me feel like he shouldbe doing longer stretches especially because he is over 11 pounds. From my reading its normal?

Anyway, my REAL q is how long do you let a baby this age FUSS at night? I do not mean CIO. I just heard fussing and saw open eyes on the monitor. I went and popped a bottle in the warmer, went to his room, and he was back to sleep! Should I be letting him get to more of a cry? I'm wondering if I'm interrupting his self soothing and shortening his feeding cycles? Or is it too early and I should continue running in there to meet needs ASAP (which for me has meant " I think you're awake, you will be hungry, I'm making a bottle so you don't have to wait, and then I will pick you up at the first loud fuss." Starting to think I should give him a little time..?