Please read the following and vote whether I should cut off LO's blankie for good.

LO is 20 months. He has this burp cloth that he becomes very attached to since birth. We have 20 of them. He puts it in his mouth. He used to drag along with it all day, until we limit it to nap/sleep only at age 1, then sleep only at 15 months. It's been the case since.

It is fine except he really puts a lot of it in his mouth and goes to sleep that way. I imagine he use it in a way as if any child use a pacifier or sucking his/her thumb, only for him he has a giant pacifier/thumb because he puts a whole lot of blankie in his mouth.

Husband wants to cut it off for good. We tried for the past few nights. The first two nights were OK. The 3rd night onwards he started crying after we left him in the crib. I caved in tonight and gave him one.

- it is his security blanket. It is also one of his first words/phases. He asks for it every night before bedtime. He knows to separate with it in the morning (he puts it in the laundry basket himself). It is stinking cute.

- He knows it is bedtime and he goes to sleep quietly without a fuss. For the past nights we told him it is no longer available (daddy told him "it is all sold out" hahaha), he cried at bedtime when we left him in his crib in the dark. He does go to sleep within 5-10 minutes though.

- Will it damage him psychologically if we remove it before he's ready..?

- He uses it like a pacifier. He sucks on it in order to fall asleep and he put a large portion of it in his mouth. We are afraid it will affect his teeth (like it will protrude out and needs braces) when he grows up.

- Braces are expensive

- If he ends up having ugly teeth as a teenager, I can imagine husband will blame me for not cutting it, and DS would blame me if the girl he likes doesn't like him in the future, because of that.

- Many tots go to bed without a security object anyway.

What do you think? If you don't think I should cut him off just yet, when should I cut it?