Wondering if anyone tends to get exceptionally anxious about commonplace sickness (your own, LOs, etc.) - not catastrophic stuff, but your typical flu/stomach bug stuff (and especially the stomach bugs, because vomit is my kryptonite for reasons I never quite figured out). I have generalized anxiety that I work through with my therapist, but throughout the year and especially in the fall/winter, I get incredibly anxious about my family getting sick and this year seems worse than usual because it seems like the flu is hitting early and a lot of people are getting stomach bugs too. I try all my usual tricks, like deep breathing, reminding myself that we are really lucky that we have very liberal work leave and have no pressure to be at work or do anything if we're sick, we're close to doctors/urgent care if needed, etc., and I even write up problem solving scenarios like "if we all come down with a stomach bug, what's our action plan" to calm myself and be prepared. And still my heart races when I read a Facebook post of friends and even strangers being sick, I overanalyze my daughter any time she's "off" (or my perception of "off" because no one is 100% the same all the time), I have a hard time going to sleep, which isn't usually an issue for me. I think it bothers me even more that this happens because not only do we not get sick often, we always get through it just fine AND we're really in the biggest place of privilege when it comes to leave and resources so it frustrates me that I'm so overly anxious about this. I'm going to talk about this more with my therapist but wanted to see if this happens for others and if anyone has helpful tricks for getting their brain to relax.