Does anyone have any experience with a child with a significant speech delay or know someone who has? Tell me about it!

My DS is 3.5 and still doesn’t talk. We had him evaluated and start speech therapy at one place but the fit just wasn’t right and we decided to go a different direction. We are now in the process of having him evaluated by our school district to get into a special education preschool program.

He doesn’t have any other real “problems” and he’s a happy, social, funny little guy. So far he’s tested negative for signs of autism. He communicates but just not verbally. He understands everything we say, can follow directions, etc. His only real word is “no”.

I just don’t know anyone who has had a child who has been this speech delayed. Do you have/know any very late talkers? When did they start talking? When did they catch up to their peers?

I’m not really looking for advice on how to get him talking, we’ve already tried all of the basics and are working with professionals to try to get him the help that he needs.