So K's daycare/preschool finally has a slot for D opening in July! I am both excited for him to get more social interactions and happy to be able to use my MIL more supplementally instead of relying on her to watch him whenever I need to go to work (3-4 days a week). At the same time I'm nervous about how he'll do... The youngest kids they'll take are 18m, and he''ll be 22m when he starts, and may be behind the other kids in communication skills. I've been able to tweak his schedule so the staff won't have to deal with his feeding tube at all, although I'm a little afraid even the fact of it existing will spook them into not wanting to take him. This fear was partly brought up by all the "yes" checks on this health form in the application!

Other special needs mama's, how has daycare worked out? I looked for a nanny two different times but never found a good match, and we're happy with K at his school, I just find myself with cold feet now that he actually has a slot!