Hi! So I can't recall who had requested that I post my thoughts on our ski trip with the baby to jackson hole and using their day care so I'm just going to put this up here and cross my fingers that the appropriate people see it!

We had an awesome week at Jackson Hole. Snow was great, skiing was fantastic. It is a challenging mountain, so if you like trees, bumps, off-piste its for you. If you like a lot of super easy groomers its not for you. But they do have some greens for the kiddos.

The daycare was AWESOME. Tons of providers, clean facilities and protocols. Every kid got a "report card" with length of naps, times they ate and were changed, activities. They took the kids out on sleds or "window shopping" on the less cold days. Ours was nearly the youngest there at 9 months. She loved it and they loved her.
There is also a drop off/pickup area for cars which is super convenient if you aren't staying at the base.

All in all, I highly recommend it. The ski school was supposedly great for the little ones too, they put them on a little "trailer" with seats pulled by a snowmobile instead of having to ride the lifts in the beginning.

And with regards to my earlier question, we took the Bumbleride indie and we were really happy we did. There was so much snow, the umbrella wouldn't have worked at all and it was slippy trying to carry her.

If anyone wants more info (including our awesome condo we stayed in, which was perfect for a family and decently priced given the area) wall me.