LO is almost 15 months old. I started weaning him from middle of the night feeds about 5 days ago and it's gone way better than I expected.

He goes down around 8 - cant seem to get him down earlier than that. But hes been waking up around 6:30. I dont know if it's because I stopped feeding him in the night.. he still wakes up around 3ish but fusses for a few min and goes back to sleep. It's getting better with each night... I vaguely remember hearing him last night.

He still has two naps a day. Ranging from 30 min to 1 hour each. He usually doesnt sleep more than 2 hours total during the day.

Should he be sleeping more over night? I wonder if the sun is waking him up. We could black out the windows better. Should we move him to one nap?

He doesnt fight the naps during the day but maybe we should try to switch to one nap? Or is the amount of time he is sleeping okay?