Okay, I never post in blogs (ever!!), but I desperately need help! My little guy was an *okay* sleeper for the first 2.5 months; we had gotten him in the bassinet successfully after about 5 weeks of sleeping mostly in my arms. He would do stretches of 4-5 hours, but each first stretch of sleeping was getting progressively longer... until 12 weeks. Then, he would max out between 4-4.5 hours, and wake up again after 2-4 hours, then another 2-3 hours. So he'd sleep 7-12ish, 12ish-2:30, then 2:30-5. He'd nurse in between and fall right back to sleep. I could (and still can) put him back down with no problem after nursing. He would also nap in a swing 3x a day for 1-3 hours at a time.

Then, I guess I decided to complicate things by transitioning him to his crib, still swaddled. He seemed to respond pretty well to this, and maybe woke up one extra time, but I would feed him and he'd settle.

Then he started rolling over in his swaddle. He slept well, but I didn't love the idea of him being on his belly all night, so I bought the Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit, while at the same time deciding to encourage him to fall asleep on his own as much as possible. I figured that while I was doing this, I may as well bite the bullet and move him out of his swing for his nap, so now his schedule looks like this:

6-7am: wakes to eat, then falls back to sleep
8: up for day (follow EASY method from here)
9:15/9:30: naps in crib
10-10:15: up from nap (45 min); eats
11:30/11:45: nap
12:30/12:45: wakes; eats
2:45: try desperately for a nap, sometimes resorting to the swing
4: wakes; eats
5:30-Wear him in the bjorn to try to get a catnap
7-8: bedtime (feed 15-30 min before; falls asleep with paci)
9: occasional dream feed
12ish: wakes & eats (whether he's had the dream feed or not!)
2-2:30: wakes & eats
4:30-5: wakes & eats

I'm at my wits end, and feeling the pressure because I go back to work in 2 weeks! I cannot imagine waking at 5 and having to be a functional human after this kind of awful sleep. I'm considering 1) digging in and continuing to help him learn to self-soothe while cutting back on night feeds (maybe stick with the 2 am and a 5-6am for now), 2) throwing in the towel and napping him in the swing again for some daytime sleep and focusing on the nights for now. Does this sound reasonable? In retrospect I realize it's been a lot of change for the little man in just 2 weeks. Any input will help!! TIA!